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    Impact of Better Warehouse Management System on Business

    We can improve fulfillment accuracy, productivity, and timeliness by using a good warehouse management system. Similarly, customer satisfaction is another main factor that should be discussed. There is a day when demand is created but at that time you never have what you need in your warehouse. You need to fulfill customers' demand today, not tomorrow, but you can’t find them anywhere in the warehouse. Such situations can make items late to ship, cause customer dissatisfaction, and cancelled orders. Sometimes we have products in our warehouse but can’t find them on time. There is no audit on inventory that where items are placed, how many items are left when to fill inventory and how to organize the inventory. The good news to address these questions is that warehouse management systems from Blue Yonder can solve many of these problems by providing you with accurate and timely data stepwise. This software products make a warehouse manager’s job easier and companies more productive. The key is having the correct information at the right time.

    Power of Real-Time Information

    To make smart and timely decisions you need to have accurate and real-time information from all areas of the Warehouse as well as from all points in the supply chain. Real-time information can help you to better manage costs, reduce downtime, inventory excesses, inventory audit, inventory management and improve demand forecasting. Real-time information sharing throughout all steps from Inbound to Outbound and Inventory management helps to get accurate, and easily accessible data. It provides the facts that is there any need to adjust to the daily changes in your business. As accurate information is powerful, and by choosing the right tool (WMS), you can manage Inbound, Outbound and Replenishment processes more accurately and effectively to get better business.

    Importance of Accuracy

    The secret behind smart business decisions is Accurate information. It’s what sets the competitive business apart. When you have the right insights and information, you can make judgments by analyzing data which helps to better manage and organize all parts of your warehouse. It’s a business based on facts, not guesswork. With accurate, timely data, you can make many improvements:

    • Manage inventory better
    • Smooth inventory receiving
    • Optimize turns
    • Reduce overhead
    • Control the order process
    • Communicate order status
    • Procure materials quickly
    • Reduce excess production and related costs
    • Identify and correct inefficiencies
    • Improve staffing by moving workers to key demand spots

    These improvements help your business, but together, the total makes for a powerful and magical hike in your business revenue, customer satisfaction and growth.

    Managerial Efficiency

    Data by itself isn’t very useful. It’s just information. Managers can take better actions and decisions by accurate interpretation and skillful evaluation of information. At first, it is very important to have accurate data in the right hands. Managers need both data and reports, so they should have access to it. The right and accurate data in the hands of a good manager is like handling the right tools for the job. Once they have the proper tools to accomplish their goals, they can build better decisions on the business.

    Confident Management

    Confident management decisions lead to improvements in warehouse management systems. Supply chain management and ERP software tools help to manage and respond to potential problems by providing real-time and accurate data. When managers trust the data, they will manage with confidence. The right warehouse management tool, combined with great tools like BlueYonder WMS, can make gathering, analysing, and managing data easier. Improvements in your business will propel its growth and enhance service, making your business competitive.

    Better Warehouse Management with Smart-IS

    Smart-IS provides consulting and services to warehousing and distribution companies. We can help your warehouse run more efficiently and provide you with the right tools to gather accurate and timely data. With the right data, you can better manage your business. Learn more on our website ( today

    Written By Syed Hasnat

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