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    Smart IS Webinar Series

    Above & BYond

    Take Your Blue Yonder Implementation Further with BY Insights

    Episode 01: BY Insights into Integrator

    Featuring Saad Ahmad

    Executive VP,  Smart IS International

    Tuesday, December 15th 2020 | 10:00 AM CST

    Integrator Core Concepts

    Integrator core Concepts

    Data Dictionary

    Data Dictionary

    Development Methodology & Tips

    Development & Methodology

    Troubleshooting/ Performance Tips

    Troubleshooting & Performance Tips

    Welcome to Above & BYond!

    The Blue Yonder WMS world has many interesting opportunities for sharing knowledge, discussing common approaches to solutions, and navigating best practices.

    As the application has progressed over the years and even changed its name a few times, it has remained the same at its core. So, whether you are using the most up to date application such as BY WMS 2020, an older version like Red Prairie 2007, or anything in between, the core concepts discussed in our webinar series remain relevant to everyone. Tune in to learn more about how you can take your Blue Yonder implementation further with BY Insights!

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