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    Automated Testing Done Right

    Introducing Smart AuTest, the Automated Testing Solution that allows JDA/Blue Yonder (BY) users to automate their tests with full control. From stress testing to integration testing to performance testing, AuTest will prepare you for anything and everything that is in your warehouse implementation scope.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • Flexible Testing Platform

      Provides a flexible and feature rich testing platform.

    • Component Utilization

      Utilizes JDA/BY components and customizations along with the application component to create, manage and run automated tests.

    • Versatile Test Scenarios

      Can run any test scenario whether it is on the Web, GUI, or the RF.

    • Serverless AuTest

      AuTest is unique in the current testing landscape where no server components need to be installed.

    • Cloud-based Test Execution

      Cloud based test cases that can be executed by providing a URL to the target WMS.

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