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    Data Anywhere, Anytime, In Your Hands

    Rendering data to usable information is a challenge for every platform. The users are increasingly demanding more data to be able to perform their daily tasks, and the need is also expressed as immediate. When the only access to the key data points for your WMS is through the WMS provided application, this thirst for information becomes challenging. Welcome to the world of Metron. A companion app to Smart Viu. With Metron, the data views that are published through Smart Viu are now accessible in your palm. Metron also goes further by providing data access to all the Warehouses in your domain. Hence, as a manager you can view KPIs across your network, from anywhere, at any time. Metron provides secure data connection to your WMS instances through the OOGy middleware, creating a seamless, secure connection to the correct instance.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • App Store Availability

      Mobile application available through respective App Stores

    • Multi-Warehouse Connectivity

      Ability to configure multiple Warehouse connections

    • Unified Data Views

      All data views that are setup in Smart Viu can be accessed here, with a further control available for mobile device

    • Customized Notification System

      Configurable Alerts so you can be pinged when a given condition is encountered

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