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    The Oracular Open Gateway (OOGY) offers a stand-alone web-service that enables access to the MOCA layer through standard HTTP based APIs. It provides an integration layer between the BY MOCA layer and any in-house or 3rd party application by exposing MOCA commands via API. Because it is written in Java, you can host the web-service on any OS. We invite you for a free trial, which will return 10 rows for the command for a single user per instance. Look at our installation guide and video on our website to help you through the process.

    Value Proposition

    Key Features

    • Stand-alone Web Service

      A self-sufficient web service operates independently, offering functionalities without reliance on other systems.

    • MOCA Integration via API

      Integrates BY MOCA layer to other application by exposing MOCA command via API

    • Unified Connectivity

      A single web-service can be used to connect to multiple BY MOCA Instances.

    • Application Creation and Integration

      Create and integrate existing and new applications with data from your BY-WMS

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