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    Educational organizations face a huge range of information technology challenges, from the human resources and labor management support required by a huge workforce, to logistics and database services — and that doesn’t even factor in student and faculty-facing applications and infrastructure, school administration software or the sheer challenge of keeping an entire campus wired and running.

    Smart-IS excels at serving the educational community, because we understand the needs of the educational community. We’re the technology partner for 14 out of Wisconsin’s 18 technical college districts and implemented a labor management system to serve Madison’s workforce of 15,000 FTEs. Our experience across industries enables us to do even more for you. Whether you’re looking for an information technology consulting partner to design a custom solution, revamp your entire landscape or just work as a school IT administrator, we’re here to help.

    Learn why Smart IS powers higher education information technology in 14 Wisconsin districts — and what our technology consulting can do for you.

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