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    19th February 2021 - 09:00 AM CST | 08:00 PM PKT

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    The Creation of man

    By Michelangelo
    The idea is derived from Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Man”, in which the transition is shown from the heaven to humanity.
    This idea is depicting the same concept of humankind moving towards the era of technology and virtual interaction. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it became impossible for companies to sustain themselves because they were not setup digitally. Smart-IS not only had a smooth virtual transition, but also succeeded to sustain and stabilize the team by connecting and keeping high morale through the digitalization of the whole work environment.

    This virtual event is one of the success stories of Smart-IS’s digital transformation along with a whole successful year of virtual impact and progression.

    Transcend 21

    This page is designed to bring together our global team – let’s connect digitally and share our 2020 achievements. While many of us transitioned to working at home, we were able to continue our education, learn new recipes, pick up new hobbies and even create a new digital workspace. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments together! 

    we own digital transformation

    Celebrating a full year of Successful Virtual Work Experience…

    What Smartians have been upto?

    We work a lot, but that’s not all we’re up to.
    Here’s what our Smartians are doing when not on on our laptops working.

    Smartians Eat

    2020 has been a year of homemade Dolgona, Japanese Cheesecake, Pancake Cearal and many other recipes that maybe just aren’t ready to be shared. But we want to try the ones that you have perfected!
    Submission is now closed, vote your favorites!

    Share a Recipe

    work from home

    Whether a home office, your bed, couch or dinner table, working from home has been an adventure of it’s own.
    Submission is now closed, vote your favorites!

    Work from home

    Your talent

    We’ve all had some spare time in the last year to practice and polish our hobbies.
    Submission is now closed, vote your favorites!

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