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    Advanced Analytics with Magento Business Intelligence

    By Monique Ahmad

    Magento is much for than your basic eCommerce tool, it offers many features to help businesses meet their goals and strengthen their relationship with customers. Magento offers a Business Intelligence tool, Magento BI, which allows businesses to get more out of their online store. With the right analytics, you can make better business decisions and understand pain points. Magento BI enables businesses to convert data into analytics that are easily digestible. It is setup to offer a variety of analytics based on your role and needs.

    Each individual in your business will be looking for different reports specific to their role and business priorities. Here is how Magento BI caters to various business roles:

    1. Data User – As data consumers, you want to see the data displayed in ways that help you make strategic decisions and communicate with stakeholders. Whether you’re looking to display successful checkouts or inventory reports, Magento BI allows for customized report setup that help visual this. With hundreds of reports available, you can select the appropriate reports/ analytics to build your own. With Customizable Dashboards you can pin the analytics that apply to your needs. Magento BI also offers an Automated Email Summary feature, to schedule email summaries with relevant reports and graphics. Magento BI makes it particularly easy for data users that are required to share reports on a regular basis.

    2. Data Analyst – As data analysts you are in a critical position, to provide the right information to make the best decisions. Magento BI offers tools to make this job more efficient. These tools include specific data visualization for Warehouse Management, SQL Report builder, specific campaign analysis (monitor the performance of a campaign), Customer analysis, Forecasting, and Business Performance Analysis. These features work to help collect information you will need as a Data Analysis and allow your audience to get the answers they need.

    3. Administrator – As an Admin you are often juggling multiple tasks, accounts and employees. Magento BI makes all this easier with features for multiple Account Management and User Management. The Account Management feature allows for monitoring various store in one place. You are able to customize dashboards for each account, adjust currencies, set blackout hours, set forced update hours (automatically update an account), automate email summaries and automate data updates and synchronization.
    With the User Manager tool, the admin can have control over other accounts users. By setting roles like Admin, Standard and Read-Only you can adjust individual control over the account. With these roles, there are further options to set responsibilities and control (an option to set an Admin role as a Billing and Technical).

    Creating a successful online store and optimal online shopping experience is built on data and information. Magento BI makes this easy. With features available for various business's needs, you are able to easily collect, integrate, analyze and display information data. It offers flexibility and customization to fit perfectly with your online business.
    Learn more about how the Smart Marketing Group, a Marketing Agency for Smart IS, can help you integrate your online store with Magneto BI:


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