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    Enhancing Customer Experience through Blue Yonder Consulting

    Exceptional customer experience is nowadays a key differentiator for businesses across various industries, especially in supply chain management. According to a report by Salesforce Research, 89% of customers are likely to return to make another purchase if they had a positive customer experience.

    Blue Yonder, a digital supply chain management platform and a retail solution provider is considered the industry leader in this domain. Efficient warehouse management systems are essential for robust supply chains. Services from expert Blue Yonder partners can optimize these systems, ensuring they meet modern logistical challenges effectively.

    This blog focuses on how businesses can elevate customer experiences by leveraging the expertise of partners like Smart IS, renowned for being an excellent service provider within the Blue Yonder WMS domain.

    Why Enhancing Customer Experience is Important?

    Over 50% of companies say their top priority for the next five years will be improving the customer experience. Supply chain and warehouse management is a lot more than just ensuring the regular flow of material. Not paying due attention to the customer experience can severely hurt your brand image, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 

    This becomes more evident in a report by PwC, which states that every 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand if they encounter one bad experience. Moreover, after 2 or 3 bad instances 93% of customers will never buy anything again from a company.

    How can we optimize the picking and packing process? What techniques ensure the most efficient use of packaging materials? These are some of the many questions that are consumer-driven and are very significant to maintaining a high satisfaction rate.

    The Role of Blue Yonder Consultancy in Transforming Customer Experience

    Now that we have settled the debate of how important it is for businesses to enhance their customer's experience, we can explore the role of partners in providing BY services. Blue Yonder is used by more than 3,000 Global brands and companies making it one of the industry-leading supply chain platforms in the world. 

    While the platform provides increased stability, resiliency, and enhanced growth opportunities to businesses, collaborating with expert Blue Yonder consultants such as Smart IS, especially for their warehouse management system can have several benefits. Here is what Smart IS offers:

    Advanced Skill Set

    The integration of Blue Yonder's cutting-edge solutions with advanced analytics and digital innovations, facilitated by experienced partners like Smart IS, helps businesses optimize their supply chain operations and customer experience. 

    Smart IS not only brings a robust skill set encompassing expertise in data analytics, AI-driven insights, and seamless system integration but our seasoned architects also have embedded the latest technologies such as AI and machine learning into our products/accelerators to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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    Extensive Industry Experience

    Collaborating with experts such as Smart IS enhances the Blue Yonder solution's implementation and upgrade processes. With decades of industry experience, Smart IS provides strategic guidance and comprehensive support for your BY WMS. 

    From advisory services to seamless system integration and ongoing optimization, businesses benefit from proven methodologies and best practices that maximize efficiency and minimize disruption. This collaborative effort ensures businesses achieve sustainable growth.

    Innovative Accelerators and Products

    Smart IS enhances supply chain management through a suite of innovative products and accelerators tailored for optimizing BY implementations. These solutions streamline operations and enhance efficiency across diverse infrastructure landscapes. 

    For instance, the MOCA Client enables efficient environment management at the MOCA Command Level, while AuTest automates stress, integration, and performance testing. Smart Viu simplifies data accessibility in BY-WMS with deployable objects, and the Warehouse Migrator accelerates upgrades by ensuring data integrity and compliance across BY environments. 

    These and many other products exemplify Smart IS's commitment to improving WMS efficiency and performance consequently improving the organization’s customer experience.

    Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Customer Solutions with Smart IS

    Finding the right partner is important for businesses looking to enhance their customer experiences and maximize the benefits of the Blue Yonder warehouse management system. As your partner, we at Smart IS understand that every business has unique challenges and goals. 

    Our seasoned architects offer custom BY solutions that bridge the gap between what the BY WMS offers and what businesses truly need. Our approach combines advanced data analytics, digital innovations, and strategic advisory to ensure that businesses not only meet but exceed, their supply chain goals, resulting in tangible benefits and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    In conclusion, enhancing the customer's experience with the help of Blue Yonder consultancy services has the potential to truly benefit businesses around the world. Expert Blue Yonder consultants offer custom solutions, improve the efficiency of warehouse management systems, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

    For more details on Smart-IS's Blue Yonder services, contact us now.

    Written By: Saif Ali | Content Writer

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