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    Smart IS’ Approach to Managed Services

    By Khurram Ahmad, CEO of Smart IS International COVID-19 has introduced a new paradigm into how IT projects get managed.  As we began to learn and adapt to remote office locations and working via conference calls, it quickly came to surface that the real value of a resource is not where they are located, but rather how responsive they are and how knowledgeable they are in working the given issue. Smart-IS recognized the value of qualified resources suitable for this setup a while back.  In the traditional Managed Services model, resources are added to the Managed Services pool that generally lack real world experience. They are trained to triage specific known issues and anything new needs to be escalated to senior resources. This escalation process can often take long, and an emergency situation can become dire very quickly as knowledgeable resources are brought in. Smart-IS’ approach to Managed Services is in stark contrast to this traditional model. The Smart IS Managed Services vision requires critical analysis of issues, always with two goals:
    • Solve the immediate concern
    • Ensure that the problem does not surface again by properly diagnosing the root cause
    In a 24X7 model of managed services, the resource constraint to provide qualified consultants in all times is an important consideration also. Again Smart-IS has distributed its resource pool with this challenge in the forefront and does not compromise the quality offered to its customers. Managed Services is always looked at as a consulting role at Smart-IS. The resources are trained to treat each issue as a consulting opportunity and treat it with the basic project cycle:
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Training
    Currently Smart-IS can offer Managed Services to our customers in many of their core business processes, like BlueYonder Warehouse Management. Please feel free to reach out to us to find out how Smart approach to Managed Services can help your organization in lowering your overall IT spend, extending your resource pool and ensuring quality services to your internal organization.

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