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    World Wide Web Day 2021 Article 

    By Caitlin MacWilliams  

    Without the World Wide Web, individuals would not have the ability to easily access the plethora of information available at their fingertips. Every year on August 1st, World Wide Web Day is celebrated to bring awareness to the internet's universality and how it has increased the potential for worldwide collaboration and development. Many individuals use the internet daily to get information and complete both personal tasks and professional activities. Others use the internet to connect with family and friends that live far away from them. The web has transformed the way we operate and exponentially increased our ability to stay connected.  


    According to the World Wide Web Foundation, “By October of 1990, Tim had written the three fundamental technologies that remain the foundation of today’s web (and which you may have seen appear on parts of your web browser): 

    • HTML: HyperText Markup Language. The markup (formatting) language for the web. 

    • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier. A kind of “address” that is unique and used to identify to each resource on the web. It is also commonly called a URL. 

    • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Allows for the retrieval of linked resources from across the web.” 

    Millions of people consume these three aspects that make up the web on a regular basis to find information via internet search engines. The worldwide web, which is sometimes mistaken as the internet, is a global information channel that individuals may access via their devices when they are linked to the Internet. 

    Why Online Safety Matters 

    How many different platforms do you use for personal and business purposes? For example, a small business might have several social media accounts, a website, and an email account. Each platform entails distinct safety precautions, and individuals must take part in a variety of best practices. 

    How to Stay Safe on Social 

    • Use the security settings on social media platforms: Instagram, for example, allows users to change their account to private, which prevents unknown people from following an account and limits who can see posted information. 

    • Reminder, once you’ve posted something online it stays online, even after you’ve deleted it. Eliminate cyber bullying by monitoring what you post online about others and continue to proactively create a reputable online presence for yourself. 

    How to Practice Safe Searches 

    • Avoid Click Bait: the term “click bait” refers to clicking on an attractive advertisement, which leads users typically to a sales page. These advertisements can also lead to unsecure websites and may cause harm to your device and its software. 

    • While using a search engine, take precautions to the websites you visit. Ensure the legitimacy of the organization’s website page you’ve landed on. Do not share personal or financial information with any online sources that you are not familiar with. 

    How to Online Shop Safely  

    • Look for a privacy policy or cookie statement on the website; this demonstrates the company's commitment to safeguarding consumer data received during a transaction. 

    • Check a company's return, exchange, and shipping procedures - many cyber fraudsters offer items to people who will never get them. 
    • Examine the checkout procedure; if a company requests more information than the normal payment and shipping information, you should not place an order. 

    How to Celebrate WWW Day 

    Smart IS International celebrates World Wide Web day by spreading awareness of internet safety and sharing important information regarding how to establish cybersecurity measures. It’s important to post and share content that is appropriate and causes no harm to others in order to create a safer internet environment.  

    Celebrate the web’s extraordinary capabilities by connecting virtually with family and friends, purchasing from a small business eCommerce store, booking your next appointment online to aid in a paperless transaction, or expressing your opinions in a thoughtful manner. 


    Article Sources:  World Wide Web Foundation -   National Cybersecurity Alliance:  

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