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    Generally, it means anything that moves in from another direction. The flow of entry into the store begins when the goods arrive at the company's warehouse or are found in external sources or elsewhere in the company. The employee registers items, usually by scanning the barcode. From the receiving dock, warehouse operations are performed on various complex levels to bring items to storage. The choice of method depends on the accepted procedures of the company and the level of complexity of their organization. In the case of an order warehouse order, where most warehouse employees work directly with the order documents, the company may decide to use method A. The warehouse with each order has a complex placement process, or where there are dedicated warehouse staff to perform warehouse operations, they may decide to separate their layout activities away from the order document, method B. In addition, companies that need to schedule multiple order management may find it useful to use store receipt documents, and methods. C and D. In methods A, B, and C, the reception and remote actions are integrated into one step when the corresponding documents are sent as received. In Method D, a receipt is sent first to determine the inventory increase and that the items are available for sale. The warehouse worker then registers the put-away to make the items available for selection.

    Setup Side:

    Inbound Shipment:

    Income refers to raw materials and commercial building materials from suppliers or retailers. Conversely, outgoing goods refer to finished products ranging from business to customer or distribution station.

    Check-In Process:

    Check-In and search for your equipment in the search bar. Select the Location to check in for unloading goods.

    Identification Process:

    Choose your shipment verify and identify your Shipments. Perform Actions Receive Inventory and receive all items

    Dispatch/Close Process:

    Dispatch Equipment and close inbound process  

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