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    National Day of Unplugging

    By: Caitlin MacWilliams 


    For more than a decade, individuals around the world have participated in the National Day of Unplugging. This campaign brings awareness to the countless hours we all spend on digital devices, whether that be our mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even hours spent streaming or watching tvThis year, National Day of Unplugging is observed from sundown-to-sundown on Friday, March 5 to Saturday, March 6, 2021.  
    According to the National Day of Unplugging official website, “National Day of Unplugging was founded in 2009 by Reboot, a coalition of individuals and organizations who seek to engage in public discourse and effect social change” ( This international organization provides a variety of resources as well as membership opportunities to those interested in raising awareness about how to maintain a balanced tech lifestyle.  Here are a few different ways you can participate this Friday: 

    Be Creative 

    Take up a new hobby or skill! Is there something you have always wanted to do but cannot seem to make the time for? Now is your chance to shine. Use these extra unplugged hours to start a home improvement project or write a personalized letter to a friend! Bring out your inner chef and try a different recipe you have been meaning to recreate. 

    Be Active 

    As spring approaches, many individuals are experiencing warmer weather! Take a long walk around your neighborhood, find a new trail to hike, or pull that bike out for a spin. Have a list of local or national parks you have always wanted to visit? Now’s your chance!  

    Give Back 

    Tackle your spring-cleaning list early this year! Put this extra time to good use and Unplug for a CauseDeclutter your closets from any unwanted clothing items, shoes, and winter gear. Consider donating your gently used items to a local charity or donation center near you! 

    Build Knowledge 

    It's important to always keep your personal and professional growth in mind. Grab an instructional book and start reading or sign up for the online certification course you've been eyeing up!  

    Simply Relax 

    Consider taking advantaging of this time for some well-deserved relaxation after this past year! The adoption of new technology tools and tactics was stressful for many. Without a proper roll out plan in place, many organizations adapted to this change as quickly as they could, which led to some holes within their new tech layer. Reflect on all that you and your company have accomplished this past year and take time to yourself to rest and relax! 

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